How to Use Swagbucks

Have you started using yet? Have you even heard of it? I look at it as a great, easy way to earn free Amazon gift cards, but it’s that and also much more. Let me share with you how to use Swagbucks to its greatest potential.

Since I started using Swagbucks in 2011, I have earned $175 in Amazon gift cards. Check it out:

How to Use Swagbucks

Swagbucks lets you trade in 450 of their points for a $5 Amazon gift card. Depending on how much time you spend each week earning Swagbucks, you can easily get at least one gift card per month, and more is certainly possible.

How to Use Swagbucks

So let’s talk about how to use Swagbucks. And let me say from the beginning: if you sign up for Swagbucks through one of my links on this post, I’ll earn points each time you do, for a limited time. I’d be very grateful, and you’ll be earning free Amazon gift cards!

How to Use Swagbucks

First, you’ll need to create a Swagbucks account. Once you’ve signed up, there are a variety of ways you can start earning swagbucks. I’ll show you the easy ones to do every day, taking less than three minutes of your time, then we’ll move to the more time-intensive (but more rewarding) ways of earning points.

Each day, I start my time on the Internet by doing three things for Swagbucks. The first is to go answer their daily poll. So head over to, then click on Daily Polls under the Answer tab. Answering one simple question will earn you one swagbuck per day.

How to Use Swagbucks

Next, click over to NOSO under the Discover tab. Once there, you simply have to click past a couple offers (unless you see one you want to check out). Once you click past four or five, you’ll earn two swagbucks.

How to Use Swagbucks

Last among my daily tasks is the search function. You can click over to the Search tab on the toolbar, and you’ll see a page like the one below. It looks a lot like Google’s search page. All you have to do is search a few times before earning several swagbucks. (Search usually nets me 8-12 swagbucks at a time.) While Swagbucks has improved its search algorithm, the results are still heavily influenced by paid advertisements, so I don’t find it quite as helpful as Google. So my morning usually consists of typing in a few random terms repeatedly, until the Swagbucks pop up.

How to Use Swagbucks

So by the time I’m done with my daily tasks, I have spent about 3-5 minutes and earned 11-15 swagbucks. If I did nothing more than that, I could earn an Amazon gift card about once per month. You can see what my average morning earnings look like in the picture below:

How to Use Swagbucks

What If I Want to Earn Amazon Gift Cards Faster?

A great question! At different points in the last two years, I’ve had more time to kill, so I have spent more time earning Swagbucks. If you’d like to do that and earn your gift cards faster, here are a few more ways to earn points.

If you’re into online games, check out the games page. You can play a variety of simple flash games, and as you’re playing, you’ll be earning points.

Swagbucks Games

You can also watch videos on Swagbucks TV. Each video you watch gives you a few points toward the total. When that point bar fills up you earn 3 Swagbucks. Just from watching videos you can earn 150 swagbucks per day. So if you have a lot of time on your hands to watch videos, you could be earning an Amazon gift card every three days!

Swagbucks TV

You can also earn swagbucks by shopping for the things you already buy. If you buy through the Swagbucks links, they’ll give you large amounts of Swagbucks in return. This works pretty much like your credit card rewards program: you buy things and earn points back. Swagbucks has a pretty large list of sites, so any time you’re making a purchase online, I’d do it through Swagbucks.

Swagbucks Shop

Lastly, you can get paid to answer surveys on Swagbucks. Once you finish answering some preliminary questions about yourself and your interests, the surveys open up. Surveys vary in the amount of their reward and the amount of time it takes to complete. If you have some spare time, this is a great, great way to earn lots of Swagbucks quickly.

Swagbucks Surveys

So why not get started? Like I said, with only 3-5 minutes every morning you can be earning on average one Amazon gift card every month. That’s $5 of free books every month! If you have more time, you can earn those gift cards even faster.

Sign Up For Swagbucks!

Like I disclosed at the beginning, let me again say that if you sign up for Swagbucks through any of my links, I’ll earn right along with you. For the first 1,000 swagbucks you earn through the search feature, I’ll get a matched amount of swagbucks. After 1,000 swagbucks, you’ll keep earning but I’ll stop getting a matching amount. All this to tell you honestly how much I’d appreciate if you end up signing up through one of my links! That way we can be earning free Amazon gift cards together!

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  • ashley botts

    Playing games can earn you 10 swagbucks a day easily. Swagasauras run is really fun and I get 2 swagbucks every 2 plays. Also I like to watch mobile swag TV in bed and it earns swagbucks quicker than regular Swag tv. Awesome movie trailers and ridiculous comedy skits.

  • Josh

    Ashley, thanks for the suggestions. I haven’t spent any time with the games, so I appreciate hearing that you can earn 10 a day.