Laid Bare

Dear Darling Wife,

Over the last nineteen months our marriage has taught me a great deal, and we have both learned many important lessons. Lately I have seen more often that God uses our marriage to teach me about Himself.

Every day, we learn more about each other. You see my natural faults, and you see my willful sins. You see my strengths as well as my weaknesses, but you love me through everything. That unceasing, never-fading love is one way in which you reflect God’s grace, but it also points to another reality.

You know me better than anyone else does, and you’ve seen me in good times and in bad. Yet somehow God still knows me much deeper. He knit me together before birth, and He knows every hair on my head. He knows my heart and sees wickedness in me that I haven’t yet discovered. And he rejoices in my sanctification.

One day, you and I will stand before His throne, with our lives spread wide for all to see. Our secret thoughts and deeds will be revealed, and I believe in that moment we’ll learn things about ourselves that we never knew.

In marriage, I see hints of that day. You show me tendencies I had never recognized in myself, and you encourage me for habits I never knew to be praiseworthy. Our marriage teaches me what it will be like one day to have God look deeply into my eyes and speak of all that had been hidden.

Thank you for devoting yourself to getting to know me, and for teaching me what it means to live a life worthy of respect. I am blessed to spend my life with you and I am excited to realize all the ways God uses you to sanctify me.

I love you.

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