Pray for Your Work

This post is eighth in our study of 9 Ways to Honor God at Work.

Pray for Your Work

Everyone's workplace gets stressful at times. How can we pray for our jobs?

How can you pray for your work? In my own life, I have imitated several examples of prayer.

My wife’s example regularly teaches me and encourages me to pray more about my work situation. My wife is a nanny for a young boy, not yet to his first birthday. I am often impressed by how frequently and fervently she prays for the boy, for his parents, and for her own role as his nanny.

What most impresses me (and relates to today’s topic) is how well she prays for her weak areas as a nanny. When she realizes that she’s not doing well in one area, she prays that God would strengthen her to do it better. She gets specific.

Pray for Your Work

John Piper wrote that we should go to work utterly dependent on God. To do that, we must get up in the morning and let God know we desperately need him. We pray, asking for His help.

First, we ask that God would help us work to His glory, that He would be praised. Then, we ask that He remind us throughout the day that we are working for a heavenly reward. Paul wrote that all Christians should consider work a duty, that we are not worthy to eat if we do not labor diligently. So we ask that God strengthen us with determination and work ethic.

Pray for Your Coworkers

Second, we ask that our work ethic today would present a picture of Christ to our lost coworkers. Whether or not we share the gospel at work today, we should ask that we present Christ through our actions. We ask that God strengthen us to honor Him even in our small actions. Our highest goal should be that others would know of the great gift of the gospel, so we ask that God would open our coworkers’ eyes.

Beyond just praying for our coworkers’ salvation, we also pray for their other needs. Pray for your coworkers. Pray for their specific needs. If Jim’s daughter has been struggling at school, ask that God bless her and give her success. If Leslie’s husband left her, ask that God comfort her and provide healing. In short, pray for whatever needs they have.

Pray Against Temptation

Third, we pray that God will protect us from temptation. We know that no temptation will be greater than our power to resist, but we ask that God provide us the faith to flee temptation at work. Sometimes that temptation is relational. Sometimes we are tempted to cut corners.

Other times we’re tempted to idolize our career, making it more important than God. We ask that God strengthen us to flee idolatry, to keep work in the proper perspective.

Pray Without Ceasing

Finally, remember that prayer is a conversation with God. That is why we are encouraged to pray without ceasing. Throughout your work day, talk with God. Ask him for peace. Praise him for small joys. Thank Him for protecting you.

So here’s my three suggestions — the three ways to pray for your work this week:

  1. Ask for God’s help in honoring Him at work.
  2. Pray for your coworkers each week
  3. Ask that God strengthen you to avoid temptation at work

How else do you pray for your work?

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Photo Credit: Adi ALGhanem (Creative Commons)

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  • a God-man in Christ

    One of the things I’m praying for when at work and while on the way to work is that it would be no longer me but Christ living even as I am there with my workmates. I am daily exposed that it is STILL ME living, but I want the Gal. 2:20 experience to be my experience and reality daily! Lord, no longer I but Christ! Live in me and through me while being at work!

  • Josh

    Galatians 2:20 is a great prayer! Oh that we would all walk as Paul, able to say that we no longer live except through Christ in us.