Pray for Your Work

This post is eighth in our study of 9 Ways to Honor God at Work.

Pray for Your Work

Everyone's workplace gets stressful at times. How can we pray for our jobs?

How can you pray for your work? In my own life, I have imitated several examples of prayer.

My wife’s example regularly teaches me and encourages me to pray more about my work situation. My wife is a nanny for a young boy, not yet to his first birthday. I am often impressed by how frequently and fervently she prays for the boy, for his parents, and for her own role as his nanny.

What most impresses me (and relates to today’s topic) is how well she prays for her weak areas as a nanny. When she realizes that she’s not doing well in one area, she prays that God would strengthen her to do it better. She gets specific.

Pray for Your Work

John Piper wrote that we should go to work utterly dependent on God. To do that, we must get up in the morning and let God know we desperately need him. We pray, asking for His help.
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Pray for Your Coworkers

Pray for Your CoworkersThis post, Pray for Your Coworkers, is fifth in our study of 9 Ways to Honor God at Work.

Have you ever worked in a tense workplace? One where the battlelines are clearly drawn. The same people eat lunch together every day, and you’re never invited.

Or maybe it’s the other way around. Maybe there’s that one coworker. The one who never gets his work done on time. Or the one who is always complaining. The coworker you never want to see.
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Patriotism and Prayer

On Monday, a US Air Force F-18 crashed into a residential area of San Diego, California. The pilot ejected and survived, but his jet crashed into a local home, killing four people inside.

I must admit that after the crash I expected to hear an outcry for an inquiry and a lawsuit, but what I have seen has surprised me. On Tuesday, the husband, Dong Yun Yoon, spoke publicly about his loss. One neighbor noted that he “had seen [Dong Yun Yoon] kiss his wife and baby goodbye in the driveway just hours before the crash.” This loving father, with the loss of his entire family fresh on his heart, issued the following statement:

“Please pray for [the pilot] not to suffer from this accident….

He is one of our treasures for the country….

I don’t blame him. I don’t have any hard feelings. I know he did everything he could….”

This man, surrounded by members of his church and mourning the loss of his family, thought to ask Americans to pray for the pilot. He knew that the man’s actions will haunt him forever, but he desired that God would provide him peace.

I know that Dong Yun Yoon will remember Monday, December 8, 2008 for the rest of his life, and I know that the memories will be painful. So I would echo Michelle Malkin’s sentiment and ask that you pray for this man. Ask that God would look upon his pain and comfort him. With forgiveness and patriotism like his, he is, to use his own words, “one of our treasures for the country.”

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin writes here that you can write to Don Yun Yoon.

This is the address for his church, where his pastor has promised to forward postcards on to him:

Dong Yun Yoon
c/o Rev. Kevin Lee
Korean United Methodist Church
3520 Mount Acadia Blvd
San Diego, CA 92111

Sources: CNN and MSNBC and AP

Photo courtesy of CNN

Prayer, If You Think About Me

There are just over twelve hours left until I teach at the youth service tomorrow morning, and I’m just starting to feel the beginning nervousness.

If you think about me between now and 11am tomorrow morning, I’d be grateful for your prayers.  All week I’ve been fighting back the temptation to focus my talk on jokes, anecdotes, and other gimmicks that will make me likable.  I want to keep the students’ attention, but I want the lesson to be that God is faithful, not that Josh is funny.  So please pray that God would take control of tomorrow and keep me in the background.

Thanks, friends.