Two Love Letter Posts

Today I want to share two posts over at other sites.

Towards the end of the summer, I was finally able to call you my wife. You were absolutely radiant that day. I remember standing on the stage in great anticipation of you knowing that shortly I would finally be able to call you mine. I was in awe as you walked down the aisle and was speechless when you stood next to me and took my hand.

That first is written by Bryan, the author and founder of He is guest posting today on Dear Darling Wife, with his own take on love letters for her.

But, men, what I learned is this: as good as it can be for me to remain solid and calm in the storms of life, my wife needs something more. My wife needs to be loved, and she wants to be romanced. I learned after a year of marriage that it wasn’t enough to just show up, and I couldn’t stop with just providing a paycheck. I needed to do more to show my wife how much I love her.

That second excerpt is from my guest post over at I encourage you to go check it out: Five Reasons to Write Your Wife a Love Letter.

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