Weekend Wind Down (5/5/12)

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Adrian Warnock and Rob Bell Debate Heaven and Hell – After Bell’s book, Love Wins, stirred up a ton of controversy, this is the perfect follow-up to find out, just what does he believe?

Has the Gospel-Centered Emphasis Gone Too Far? – “With all this talk about grace, are we becoming antinomians? Maybe we’ve taken the gospel for granted, but are we now over-reacting by taking holiness for granted?” (H/T)

Ten Years, Ten Lessons – Kevin DeYoung offers ten lessons he’s learned in ten years of marriage.

Young People’s Priorities – A survey reveals what public policy issues Americans aged 18-29 care about, as well as how we prioritize those issues.

A Life of Significance – Great words for reflection: are you living for achievements or significance?

15 Tips on Blogging from John Newton – Some fantastic tips on how to blog for God’s glory, all from a very unlikely source: John Newton.

I wish to testify that in my best moments I am not aware of the existence of the government. Though I respect and feel myself dignified by the principles of the Declaration and the Constitution, I do not remember a day when the thought of the government made me happy, and I never think of it without the wish that it might become wiser and truer and smaller than it is.
– Wendell Berry

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  • http://blog.tejaskumar.com/ Tejas

    Thanks for sharing these resources, Josh! The “Ten Years, Ten Lessons” one looks particularly interesting. Cheers!

  • http://www.quietedwaters.com/ Josh

    Thanks, Tejas. I agree — I really enjoyed Kevin’s ten lessons for marriage.